It has always been our goal to provide personal service to our clients. Part of that service is to educate by providing reference materials and being available to discuss all related questions. We have a simple philosophy - a knowledgeable customer is a good customer!

Our strategy is risk management, and that requires investing time with our customers to promote sound decision making processes. In order to make the correct choices on how to handle risk, it is necessary to understand insurance coverage details. Therefore, please refer to the links on this page for a better understanding of the basics of Marine Cargo Insurance.

Approved/Restricted Commodities -
It is understood and agreed that the words "Approved Goods and/or Merchandise" embrace all and every type of manufactured and raw material of a non-hazardous, non-volatile, and/or non-fragile and/or non-perishable nature. Shipments of hazardous goods may be included if shipped in accordance with I.M.D.G. rules and regulations. Terms are also available for volatile, fragile, and perishable goods. However, the following items are excluded absolutely unless specifically agreed by Underwriters prior to sending.


  • Documents, monies of every description, securities, negotiable documents and instruments, bonds, bullion, stamps, credit and debit cards including telephone calling cards and digital camera photo sticks
  • Fresh fish, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables
  • Furs, fishmeal, refined sugar and Chinese groundnuts
  • Inland Mexico transit exposures
  • Jewelry, watches, digital cameras and perfumes
  • Laptop computers
  • Living creatures and life forms of any type
  • Microchips, motherboards, and/or memory of any kind, which is not part of a complete system
  • Mobile telephones, components, parts and accessories
  • Newsprint / pulp / reels of paper
  • Metals (other than iron or steel) in raw, scrap or ingot form
  • Precious stones or metals
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Containers, including ISO Tanks (All Risks)

Approved/Restricted Locations -
Places in the World to places in the World but excluding shipments to, from or between: Afghanistan, Bougainville, Burundi, Chechnya, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire), Eritria, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, North Korea, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and any other areas not approved by the U.S. Secretary of State or Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

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